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courses for beginning
and advanced shooters

A rifle can be an extremely versatile tool to aid you in defending your family and community. With the proper training and knowledge, you can set up your rifle to serve you in multiple situations that you may one day find yourself in. The training you receive will not only teach you about and how to use your rifle, but give you knowledge and recommendations on how to set up your rifle for your specific purpose or a variety of scenarios you may find yourself in.


Advanced Course
The In the Fight course is focused on teaching and improving the ability to quickly and accurately engage targets as well as fix weapons malfunctions and conduct various types of reloads. The course also focuses on improving the tactical mindset of individuals and teaching situational awareness.
Topics covered in this course:
-Clearing weapons malfunctions.
-Conducting various reloads.
-Shooting while moving.
-Multiple target engagement.

Foundation to Victory

Fundamentals Course
The Foundation to Victory course is designed for new shooters or shooters looking to refresh their knowledge on the fundamentals of tactical marksmanship. This course is the foundation on which the other courses are built.
Topics covered in this course:
-Safe handling of firearms.
-Basic weapon maintenance.
-Basic weapon manipulation. 
-Proper tactical shooting stances.
-Proper sight picture, sight alignment and target acquisition. 
-Proper trigger control. 
-Introduction of a tactical mindset.


Complete Course
The Gunfighter 1 course is a 6-hour course that will teach you the essentials of combative shooting and tactics. This course covers everything from the Foundation to Victory and In The Fight courses while moving at a faster pace with an emphasis on training under pressure in order to prepare you for real-life scenarios.
Topics covered in this course:
-Combat Marksmanship.
-Weapon manipulation including reloads & malfunctions
-Utilizing Cover and Concealment
-Individual Combative Tactics

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