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At Cutting Edge, we truly believe that in order to be the most successful defender you can be for your family and community, you must work on improving all aspects of yourself and not just your shooting and tactical abilities. With that being said, Cutting Edge is proud to endorse Forgotten Lifestyle. Ben and his team are true professionals and can help you improve your physical and mental health which will only improve your overall ability to step into the role of becoming a defender. I have personally worked with Ben to improve my overall health after getting out of the Marine Corps and the improvement has been remarkable. I have not only lost weight but have become healthier in all aspects which is the focus of Forgotten Lifestyle. I highly recommend Forgotten Lifestyle for all of you who want to improve yourself.

Forgotten Lifestyle was created out of a true desire to help others. Our experience in the military helped us realize that physical strength and toughness are not enough for true well-being; there is so much more that’s needed. We want to repair the poor health conditions inflicted by the modern world and help people live passion-driven lives, reengaging with their families, communities, and dreams. To do this requires first a change in perspective.


Founder | Wellness Coach

Matt Kinneberg

Founder | Wellness Coach
4·6·9 Design is a veteran-run, tried-and-true, made-in-America brand. We spend mornings sipping coffee and live for the weekends to catch up with friends and neighbors over a cold beer. We advocate for small businesses and are strong supporters of our community and our country. We are always good for a joke but will get the job done on time with no compromises. We are a friend you can trust.

Mike Adams

Founder | Designer

Melissa Adams

Founder | Operations
My mission is to educate and introduce a way to build wealth and protect savings against the collapsing dollar by converting those dollars into God’s money (real money) which is physical gold and silver. I help people by showing how to do this with a trusted US based company that sources physical gold & silver safely, reliably and affordably for as little as $1 at a time at low dealer direct prices.

Tom Lundell