Gunnar Industries Exclusive


Join us for the first Concealed Carry Course with GUNNAR INDUSTRIES. This course not only includes live fire training but EXCLUSIVE classroom instruction and discussion at Gunnar Industries where students will get extra dry fire training and teaching on how to set up their everyday carry system. During the live fire training, you will learn how to quickly and accurately engage threats, draw your weapon from concealment, and clear weapon malfunctions. This course meets the training criteria needed to obtain a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit.
Required Gear:
— Pistol
— Holster (Outside or Inside the waistband)
— Concealment garment
— 2 Magazines (Minimum) and magazine pouch
— 300 Rounds of ammo
— Eye and ear protection (Prescription glasses work)
— Water and snacks
Course Details:
DAY 1:
DAY 2:
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